Stedman Family

More than a's...a last name... 

Not everyone can be a Stedman. You must be born one. Unless you legally change your name. In that case you're a fraudulent Stedman...and nobody wants that...

Stedman Graham
Oprah Winfrey's Sometimes Boyfriend

<< take this guy for instance...his name's Stedman...but it's his first name. He's a fraudulent Stedman.

There's also those Stedman people who make the medical dictionary. I wish that was the same family as us.

Another guy we wish we could claim is the great Ray Stedman. He combined dashing good looks with a passionate love for Christ -- a true role model for all of us Stedmans.

If you are interested in the sordid details of our family, including when the first Stedmans of this branch came to the New World, you can read here.

Here's my Great Great Grandpa, born in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1843. If you're taking notes, here's the ascendant line:

Me << My Dad << Grandpa Stedman << Great Grandma (Aunnie) Stedman << Great Great Grandpa McEwan


And the biggest question of all...what's up with big mustaches?

Walter's daughter, Agnes, married my Great Grandpa, Charles Sumner. Here's their wedding announcement in the New York Times. Unfortunately, I can't find a picture of Great Grandma Aunnie.